Reiki II

Reiki II will profoundly deepen your understanding & practice of energy work as well as your ability to channel healing.

The Reiki frequency of energy can be amplified through healing symbols, which you will learn in Reiki II.

The completion of this course will also prepare you to offer healing to the wider public if you so choose!

This course is designed for Reiki I initiates who have integrated their first attunement — weeks, months, or even years after your first attunement is the perfect time for Reiki II.

In this course, we will cover:

  • The history & meaning of Reiki symbols
  • Their practical usage and mantras
  • Further study of the energy body & how to conduct sessions
  • Attunement to three Reiki symbols & second degree Reiki
  • Guidance for offering Reiki to your community and/or potential clients
  • Hands-on practice with classmates
  • A guided meditation to nurture & deepen your connection to the Reiki healing frequency

All participants in this course will receive:

  • A hard-copy (printed & mailed) lesson packet
  • Useful materials for opening a potential healing practice
  • The level Reiki II attunement & attunement to three Reiki symbols
  • A signed certificate of course completion

Course details

Sunday April 23rd
12pm Eastern Standard Time
on Zoom

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